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Fire Line Cannabis



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green rush



A team of botanical experts and scientific geeks at heart, Green Rush believes that quality is a mixture of mathematical precision and expert art. Green Rush tests every single step of their growing process in order to increase quality, protect the environment, and enhance the customer experience from 

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pioneer nuggets



Pioneer Nuggets was founded in December 2013 in Arlington, Washington where the pioneer trail ends... but the pioneer spirit has never left. Pioneer Nuggets is a first of its kind Washington State licensed manufacturer of cannabis products dedicated to one mission- They devote their lives to produce the highest-quality cannabis for the world. Pioneer Nuggets internal passion drives their love for the plant, people and the community. Each member of the team wakes up, slays the day, falls asleep and dreams about cannabis. The dedication to their profession comes easy. 

“It's the 100% hand crafted all-natural methodology that invokes our endless commitment.”

Dank Czar



Dank Czar Cannabis has its roots firmly planted in the early medical marijuana movement in Washington State. Founded in 2012, we were the original cultivation and processing team for A Greener Today medical cannabis access points. Our focus was and to this day remains to produce and extract the highest quality, most unique flavors and highest potency cannabis the world has to offer.

With over 40 years of combined cultivation and processing experience, the Dank Czar Cannabis team is one of the most well versed and knowledgeable cannabis companies in Washington. It’s not just their experience that sets them apart, but their unwavering desire to get better every day. The pursuit of perfection, however unrealistic, is what drives them to innovate and excel in all of products and processes.

“Growing Dank isn’t what we do, it’s who we are.”

Top Shelf Cannabis



 Full bios for each of our growers COMING SOON! 

Liberty Reach



Liberty Reach was created with the true cannabis connoisseur in mind, featuring rare exotic flower strains sourced from around the world for those seeking a one of a kind luxury experience.

Our Liberty Reach products feature the best quality, uncut cannabis oil and flower money can buy. Packed with cannabinoids and terpenes,

creekside cannabis


sedro wolley, wa

Creekside Cannabis believes in sustainability, quality, locality and that the steps taken to produce a premium cannabis product are also ultimately good for the environment and the community. Creekside Cannabis was designed to be at the highest end of the quality spectrum and to be synonymous with unwavering consistency in genetics. They take great pride and care in developing their brand, including finding the best grower and creating a leading, state of the art production facility.

Harmony Farms



Harmony Farms takes great care in growing  their prized flowers. Focusing on using only the best sanitary practices and organic pest management ensures that their cannabis is clean and safe for consumption. Each strain is grown in a separate room allowing them to tailor the feeding and environment to bring out the plants full expression. The soil is enriched with organic microbes helping breakdown the nutrients and supporting the plant's immune system for optimal health. 

Harmony Farms  utilizes the newest LED technology to increase resin production while minimizing their carbon footprint. The team takes pride in hand manicuring their flowers to be sure you're getting nothing but the best. Once trimmed, the buds are vacuum sealed in nitrogen for an exceptional cure, preserving all the precious cannabinoids and terpenes for your enjoyment. 


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